Difference Between Shea Butter vs Shea Oil


shea oilShea Oil is not as popular as the butter, it still offers us great benefits despite their minimal differences. This answers the question that neither of them is more beneficial for us, however they have different uses for our different needs.

The obvious difference between Shea Butter and Shea Oil is their texture. One is a liquid while the other is solid. As well as, there difference in their chemical composition. They both contain the Stearic Acid content which is an essential fatty acid. It is responsible for the texture’s thickness therefore, Shea butter has a higher composition level than Shea Oil. However, the other essential fatty acids composition percentiles are similar. As a by-product of Raw Shea butter, the production of Shea oil is more extensive because it requires more labour intensive work.

Since the oil is of a thinner consistency it may not provide the same protection if you are always outside especially in the cold. Thus, Shea butter would be a better option. However, if you want to create an oil blend for your skin or hair, Shea oil is better to use than the butter unless the temperatures are high to melt it.

Both Shea Oil and Shea Butter when processed and extracted efficiently offers us great benefits for our hair and skin. For our hair, it prevents breakage, rids the scalp of dandruff, as well as adds shine to our hair shaft. For our skin, it restores our skin’s natural lustre, keeps the skin moisturised, firms up aging skin, helps clear wrinkles, drains toxins from sore muscles and joint pain as well as heals skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema.

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