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Fenty Beauty has taught the beauty industry, by enlargement the world inclusivity. For years, Beauty Lines have only offered a few shades that are supposed to work for the many skin tones and undertones in the world. Rihanna said that, “Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races; I wanted everyone to feel included”. Hence why, her brand launched 40 different foundation shades for all skin tones and undertones. As well as glossy lip glosses, brushes, blotting papers, beauty blenders, primers, contour sticks, matte powder and mesmerizing highlighters. Many customers are really happy with her line because they found the shade that is perfect for the skin tone as well as undertone. There, they do not have to be mixing foundations to get the right combination for their face.

For example, an Albino woman raved about Fenty Beauty saying she was finally able to find the shade that matched her neck. Also, that the makeup she used in the past would make her look orange. Even brown girls, such as Bri Hall on Youtube used the brand for a week and said she was really pleased to find a shade for her brown skin tone. Empire actress, Gabourey Sidibe gave her approval via Twitter because she found the perfect shade for her dark skin tone. Not only was there something for the really pale girl, but also the dark-skinned girl. Brands reasoned that they couldn’t produce more shades for ‘darker’ skin tones because there was no demand there. How can there be no demand when on Sephora’s website all Fenty Beauty darker shades were sold out?

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Although it seems a bit coincidental, shady and opportunistic that other makeup brands are finally recognizing the financial opportunity within darker shades community. She has shown the beauty market that she does understand the struggle we face because of lack of inclusive and representation of our skin tone and has made products suited for it. Fenton beauty has set the bar for diversity, inclusivity as well as representation in the beauty industry. For years this has been a huge problem within the industry so it’s amazing to see how Rihanna tackled this problem in the launch of her line. She has proved that there isn’t one or few sets of shade ofbeauty, it’s in every shade. There is more to come from the Rihanna Fenty Beauty Line and we hope other makeup brand will be able to catch up with her.

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