Benefits of Coconut Water


benefits of coconut water

We know that coconut benefits the skin because it has anti-aging properties due to the lauric acid and fights acne. Also, it can be used as a natural cleaner and toner especially if you have sensitive skin. But, did you know that you can use coconut water in your hair? Not only is it good for your skin when applied or consumed, it is good for our hair! Let’s go coco-nuts! It offers a variety of benefits to our scalp and hair as it does our skin.

Aids with Dandruff and Dry Scalp:
Coconut water has antifungal properties that helps you to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp. The coconut water seems into the scalp and hydrates it. Thus, causing the scalp to be hydrated with its natural sebum which reduces dandruff and dry scalp. Just spritz your scalp with the water and then massage it and let it work its magic overnight.

Reduces Shedding and Breakage:
Although our hair sheds more than 100 days a day, we still can experience excessive shedding. Shedding and Breakage can be due to a lack of Vitamin K and Iron. Vitamin K promotes healthy hair growth thus a reduction in shedding and breakage. Also, iron has the oxygen needed to make our roots stronger so that our hair breaks and sheds less.. Luckily, coconut water has both. So just massage into your scalp with it and leave it in for it to work its magic. 

Tames the Frizz:
Naturals struggle with frizzy hair especially during the summer time. Coconut water to the rescue ladies! Coconut oil is a bit heavy for our hair especially during this heat. Your hair is frizzy because it lacks hydration and the coconut water is a hydration serum. It will moisturise your hair, adds lustre to your tresses and keep the frizz at a minimum.

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Protects against sun damage:
This benefit is for the skin and the hair. The water has a high anti-oxidant level of Vitamin c which reduces the damage that the sun’s heat has on our skin and hair. You can apply coconut water to the shaft of your hair before you enter any hot area such as the park or the beach. The water will keep the hair shaft protected from the sun’s damage.

As you can see coconut water is a perfect leave in conditioner for every season especially the summer time. It gives out scalp and hair shaft so much vitamins and minerals that will help to promote healthy hair. So, the next time you want to try a new leave in conditioner, use coconut water! Go coco-nuts! Try it out and let us now.

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