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The natural hair community one would assume is a female only environment. Since we’ve been oppressed for years to cream it so that it is straight like the Europeans hair instead of nappy, curly, or kinky.

As we have broken through those psychological and physical barriers we have embraced ourselves as black people and loved ourselves and hair for who and what it is. But wouldn’t one assume that men are in that community too? Don’t they possess the same hair like us? Their hair makeup is just like ours with different curl patterns and mind boggling shrinkages issues. 

Men have been known to trim their hair all their lives because growing their hair is for ‘females’. However, many men of today are growing their hair and beard with no apologies. They too have been oppressed to keep their hair one way which is with no hair at all to look professional for school or the workplace.

Is their natural not appropriate for these places? They too face the similar issues like us females. Males who grow their natural hair aren’t getting as much love as the females. But they should because they are as much a part of the natural hair community us. 
Youtubers such as: 
Terell McDonald
Curly Guy 
Instagramers such as: 
Danilo Andre 
Pedro Smith 
Shamoy Persad
Johnathan Celestin 
Benny Harlem 
These male natural hair Youtubers give tutorials on wash gosbraid outstwist outs, straight hair and protective styling. As well as, tips on growing your hair, maintaining its length and health. Ladies, we can’t have enough tips in our arsenal to maintain the longevity of our hair.  

They may not have half the subscribers as the other popular natural hair females but they are getting viewed with their tutorials especially for wash & gos and straight hair routines. Also, they are collabing to promote their channel. As well as, Graham Natural Curls sells hair luxury premium Indian virgin hair extensions via Instagram. The natural hair men on Instagram will give you hair envy or inspiration.  
The males definitely promote the diversity in the natural hair community and black empowerment. Support our natural hair men who grow their long curly, kinky, coily textured hair. Did we forget any of the natural hair men? Comment below and share your favorites. 

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Ashley Northover

I am 20-year-old freelance natural hair blogger who hails from the island of Jamaica. I have been natural all my life, however, I started caring for my natural hair in May 2013 after being introduced to Nina Pruitt's youtube channel. After that, I subscribed to a lot of natural hair blogs, watched youtube videos and was addicted to Pinterest natural hair boards so I could learn more about my hair. I have always had long hair when I was younger however when I entered high school the state of my hair changed when other people started caring for it. I started applying what I learned from the videos, posts, and pictures about hair growth, regimens, product usage, moisture and length retention to my hair. And, I was able to grow my hair from armpit length to bra length. 99.9% of the time my hair is in a twist out or a braid out because that's the style I love the most. I became a freelance natural hair blogger when I wanted to earn money and considered what I would be good at. I knew I could write natural hair articles since I love natural hair, watch videos regularly, give hair advice to other girls, and care, nourish and embrace my mane. I hope you enjoy my guest posts as much as I enjoyed writing it. Finally, remember that you are beautiful with your natural hair!

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