Why Curls Friends are Needed?


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You may see a lot of pictures swarming around the internet with a lot of natural hair friends graduating, at the beach and park, or having dinner with comments or captions saying “it smells like cocoa butter, chocolate or shea butter”. As a natural you  need “Curl Friends” in your life. These friends are essential to your hair journey. They can be physical people such as your best friend, sorority sister, mom or neighbour. As well as virtual individuals, such as the youtubers like Naptural85, Journeytowaistlength, Mahogany curls or the instagrammers. Although they are through a screen they do provide the same benefits that the physical ones do. Other than taking great pictures with your curl friends, you need them for motivation, natural hair advice, and female empowerment. 

1) Motivation

Your curl friends will help you stay motivated on your hair journey. Their hair may be your hair goals or they may be at the same hair stage you are at. There will be times in your journey where you will be demotivated to style your TWA and a curl friend will share how they went through that stage which lets you know that everyone goes through it and this too shall pass. Or, if both of you are transitioners you can be there for each other together while the other big chops with encouraging words. Your virtual friends will motivate you through their videos on youtube about their hair journey or pictures on Instagram where they share their before and after which motivates you to stick it through and be patient for your hair growth and health.  

2) Hair Advice

This is the most obvious reason for a natural having curl friends. Your curl friends who have a similar hair texture/pattern or porosity can help you fix your regimen. They will be there to offer advice on their regimen and what works for them which will assist you in your hair journey because you can adopt their style or tweak it for yours. In addition, they will inform you which product to buy or not to buy since it worked for their hair type since you have similar hair types or porosity. In addition, hairdressers to check out in your local area if you need a protective style or a cut or hair events to accompany each other to. 

3) Female Empowerment

Every natural should empower another one to love and embrace their kinks, coils and curls. That’s what the natural hair movement does. It empowers women to be their true self by embracing their naturalness regardless of what other people say about their hair. We are proud nappy and kinky headed females. We are banishing the belief of “good hair” because all types of natural hair are “great hair”. Many stars such as Erykah Badu, Lupita Nyong’o, Janelle Monae, Solange Knowles, Tracee Ellis Ross are in the natural hair movement by wearing their hair regardless of the status quo in their respective industry. This empowers other females whether young or old that their hair is beautiful and they should not be ashamed. 
I hope that on your hair journey you find naturals who will share hair advice, motivate and empower you to embrace your natural hair in all its glory. 

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Ashley Northover

Ashley Northover

I am 20-year-old freelance natural hair blogger who hails from the island of Jamaica. I have been natural all my life, however, I started caring for my natural hair in May 2013 after being introduced to Nina Pruitt's youtube channel. After that, I subscribed to a lot of natural hair blogs, watched youtube videos and was addicted to Pinterest natural hair boards so I could learn more about my hair. I have always had long hair when I was younger however when I entered high school the state of my hair changed when other people started caring for it. I started applying what I learned from the videos, posts, and pictures about hair growth, regimens, product usage, moisture and length retention to my hair. And, I was able to grow my hair from armpit length to bra length. 99.9% of the time my hair is in a twist out or a braid out because that's the style I love the most. I became a freelance natural hair blogger when I wanted to earn money and considered what I would be good at. I knew I could write natural hair articles since I love natural hair, watch videos regularly, give hair advice to other girls, and care, nourish and embrace my mane. I hope you enjoy my guest posts as much as I enjoyed writing it. Finally, remember that you are beautiful with your natural hair!


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