Halloween Themed Makeup Trends You Should Try This October



Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays for both kids and kids-at-heart. Trick-or-treats, horror movie marathons, and even Halloween-themed parties will surely be lurking in every corner. However, if you are feeling a little experimental this year, you can incorporate the holiday into your makeup. Get inspired by these horrific makeup trends and turn your favorite costume party into a spook-tacular event!

Full (or Half) Faced Horror

If you want to look like your favorite cartoon, book, or monster character without having to wear plastic masks, brush up your contouring skills. Repurpose your rubber and plastic masks as house decors because this year, the trend is all about using masterful contouring to alter the way you look. There are thousands of Halloween-themed makeup inspirations like werewolves or Jack Skellington. True, many of these ideas may be beyond your skill level, but step-by-step tutorials for half-face makeup and scars and wounds are widely available online. Decide on a design early on and practice putting on your Halloween makeup a few times before the party takes place.

Hypnotizing Eyes

You may have little confidence when it comes to crafting fake wounds and facial stitches. If so, you can prepare for the Halloween by simply working on your eye makeup. This trend is something you see every year, simply because there’s no limit to how your eye makeup can change the way you look. You can create anything from a pretty zombie to a vengeful spirit. Invest in red and dark eyeshadow and eyeliners as these 2 colors can help you create most of the designs and characters associated with the holiday.

Terrifyingly Fake Tattoos

The design for your Halloween costume may require a tattoo, but it doesn’t mean that you’re willing to make a lifetime commitment for a single night of outrageous costumes. Don’t worry, because Halloween is the best time to put on fake tattoos. Sure, they might seem a little childish, but Halloween-themed tattoos make for timely costumes as well. They’re quick and easy to put on, and you can do away with them without any hassle. Additionally, you can also use them as freebies or home decoration.

Spooky Nail Art

Celebrate the Halloween for more than just one night by painting your nails with spooky nail art. You can design your nails individually, or you can paint them following a theme. One option would be painting your nails black and orange as a homage to jack o’ lanterns. Alternatively, you can also use your nails as canvasses for mini-portraits featuring your favorite fictional characters. There are tons of nail art you can find online for inspiration.  

Halloween-themed Makeup Products

Don’t just put on scary makeup. Go the extra mile by using Halloween-themed makeup products that come in equally spooky containers. It is only once a year makeup brands get to release diabolical-looking (but skin-friendly) makeup, so do yourself a favor and grab some.

Have fun trick-or-treating or partying with your friends, and make sure that you look horrific all night long. If you are looking for more Halloween-themed fashion and cosmetics, visit websites like YesStyle.com for all your styling needs.

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