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Hair growth vitamins or nutrients help promote faster and longer hair growth. There is no secret that your hair requires the necessary nutrients for potential growth of long and gorgeous hair. Basically, these hair growth nutrients have the maximum potential to make your hair look good as well as make you feel better. These nutrients are helpful enough to directly deliver healthier, longer, and softer hair, which is capable of grabbing everyone’s attention.

In the present scenario, both men and women suffer from mild or heavy hair loss. This is all because of inappropriate diet, lack of regular exercise, excessive and harmful hair styling, etc. These are the major reasons due to which millions of people are suffering from slow growing of hair as well as thinning of hair. In order to have longer hairs people go for different kinds of therapies and costly vitamins capsules. Presently, there are different kinds of hair growth supplements, which claim to bring about faster hair growth.

In order to have healthy and gorgeous hair, you have to appropriately select vitamins and minerals for proper hair growth. These supplements work properly if they are chosen appropriately in your diet regime. There are some important biological proteins and minerals, which assist and improve your hair growth. In addition, they are also helpful for the overall health of your body.

Apart from stress and other problems, one of the basic causes of hair loss is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In order to revive the growth of hair, you have to ensure that your diet provides you with all the vitamins that will be effective and useful for maintaining a healthy body. There are some important vitamins that your body misses out in your regular diet. Your balanced diet should comprise of the following vitamins. They are as follows:

Vitamin H (Biotin):

This popular vitamin will surely assist in hair growth and will reduce hair loss on a lager extent. Vitamin H, which also known as Biotin is an active member of Vitamin B complex family and it also prevents in greying of hair. Sources of these essential dietary components are egg, yeast, milk, etc.

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B is an important element which assists in faster growth of hair. In other words, it also aids your hair loss. These elements are also actively present in your shampoos and conditioners. They strengthen your hair follicles resulting in improvement of hair growth. There are other additional vitamin B’s such as Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5, B6, and B12, which helps in proper hair growth. Rich food sources include food items such as turkey, beef, chicken, yeast, etc.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is an important and most essential element of the anti-oxidants group. These helpful elements are necessary for healthy growth of hair as they assist in making healthy Sebum. Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands, which is extremely important for the scalp. Vitamin A is non-water soluble and therefore, consumers should consult their dieticians and nutritionists before any intake. Sources of these vitamins are dairy products, fruits, all kinds of vegetables, etc.


Basically, anti-oxidants are known as Vitamin A, C, and E and these are important for beautiful skin and healthy growth of hair. Proper intake of anti-oxidants results in proper growth of hair and also significantly prevents hair loss. These also boost your immune system by throwing out the harmful toxins from your body. Sources of these anti-oxidants are fresh fruits, veggies, dairy products, etc.

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Vitamin E:

This is a popular vitamin, which helps in the scalp’s circulation with the help of other anti-oxidants. Sources of these vitamins are whole grain, chicken, dairy, etc.

Vitamin H:

Vitamin H assists in promoting more hair by stimulating the overall consumption of minerals and vitamins in the body. It develops important cells just by using the minerals and proteins present in your body. It efficiently strengthens the root of your hair, which results in complete stoppage of hair loss
Pantothenic Acid: This acid is also known as Vitamin B5, which decreases hair loss and also prevents the possible greying of hair. This acid is extremely important for your scalp. It assists in generating cells that are essential for the development of cells, which protects your scalp. Dietary supplements which are rich sources include whole grains, yeast, egg yolks, etc.

Essential and Balanced Food for Healthy Hair Growth

It is extremely important to have a balanced diet for proper growth of hair. It is because, whatever you eat and drink has a proper effect on your body. Through your body these nutrients are passed on to the other channels like the hair, skin, and nails. A proper, healthy and balanced food regime can surely assist you in having healthy and gorgeous hair.

Expensive hair products, rinses, and vitamins capsules won’t give you healthy hair. You have to consume a proportionate amount of healthy fruits and vegetables that comprise of natural vitamins and minerals etc. If you have well-balanced and healthy diet, which comprises of growth-promoting nutrients then you would surely have fast and long growing hair.

There are some important, healthy, and balanced foods , which will help you in faster growth of hair. They are as follows:

Salmon: This is one of the best and most important healthy foods, which will surely assist you in proper growth of hair. This is also an important source of good quality protein filled with ample vitamin B-12 and iron

Dark Green Vegetables: These dark green vegetables are an important source of vitamin A and C. These vitamins produce sufficient amount of sebum, which is necessary for your scalp as it nourishes the root of the hair. Sebum is the best known conditioner for your healthy hair. Green leafy veggies comprises of spinach, broccoli, and swiss chard

Beans: This is also an important ingredient, which takes complete care of your hair. As known, lentils and legumes are an important part of a balanced diet and therefore, they promote proper and healthy growth of beautiful hair

Poultry: The poultry sources are highly rich in proteins and vitamins. Sources like chicken and turkey provide ample assistance in getting healthy and nourishing hair. In addition, it also provides good amount of iron, which aids the experience of dry and brittle hair

Nuts: Nuts are one of the best sources of selenium. It even functions as an essential mineral for nourishing your healthy scalp. It consists of omega-3 fatty acids, which assists in proper conditioning of your hair

Therefore, all these essential vitamins and important food constituents or elements are helpful in gaining healthy and beautiful hair growth.

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