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Everyone wishes for naturally long hair that is strong, healthy, and extremely beautiful. Natural long hair is easy to be styled in order to flatter your face, your daily routine, as well as your hair texture.

People carry certain myths that hair does not grow easily. However, it is known and confirmed that average hair growth is around 1/2 inch per month, but it totally depends on how you maintain it and that is what you will retain.

There is no mumbo-jumbo kind of technique involved in the faster hair growth. You have to be sincerely committed towards the healthy hair practices and you should take care of them regularly. In order to have long hairs, you have to follow a proper food regime, regular exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These are the top mantras to grow strong, long, and beautiful hairs. There are major and best kinds of tips or guidelines available through which you can grow hair longer and stronger.

Growing healthy, long, and beautiful hair is certainly not a difficult task. In order to maintain your hair, you need not require those expensive salon hair products, costly and handful vitamins capsules, etc.

All you have to do is, practice a perfect and balanced lifestyle and with lot of dedication and patience follow it daily. By following these simple guidelines, you will indeed have growing long hair, which would be appreciated by everybody.

You have to be committed to following certain important steps that will not only assist you in growing long hairs, but will also make your hair look gorgeous, shiny, and extremely beautiful throughout the process. Important tips or guidelines are as follows:

Emphasize on your Daily Routine and Diet

You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper hair care routine as this would surely help you in making your hair grow longer and more beautiful. You have to eat, drink, and sleep properly. Hair also reflects the general health of your body so a balanced diet would certainly have a positive effect on hair growth. A healthy and balanced diet comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, to have beautiful and longer hair, you have to intake enough water and exercise regularly. As it directly from the body and therefore, you have to properly nourish your body that will assist in maintaining your hair, skin, and nails.

Scalp Massage

 For longer strands, regularly massage your scalp with hot oil, which particularly stimulates and promotes proper blood circulation that is required for your scalp. This will surely assist you in faster and natural growth. Different hair oils include rosemary oil, coconut oil, etc., which helps in the necessary nourishment of your scalp. Mildly heat the oil just before you applying it. Apply the oil in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes for better results.

Have Regular Trims

 Regular trims assist in getting rid of dry, damaged, and possible split ends. These factors are to checked and countered properly in order to have proper and long hair. Basically, you have to trim them just about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. This will certainly result in proper growth. You need to take proper care by trimming them every six weeks to six months. For better care, you have to go in for slight trims.

Remove Scalp Residue:

For better and healthy growth of hair, you have remove the scalp residue .These residues clog the hair follicles and obstruct the growth of hair. In order to avoid such residue, you have to shampoo and condition your hair every week. In addition, you have to rinse your hair with an proportionate mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to remove the scalp residue and other dead skin.

Usage of Moisturizing Products

Sometimes hair goes completely dry by nature, and therefore, you have to moisturize it with better and nourishing shampoo and conditioners. Go for herbal products as these are best and safe for having healthy hair. Different types, right from normal to oily hair, can use different moisturizing products. The key to have healthier and longer hair is by moisturizing the dry ends and carefully avoiding the scalp portion.

Flip your Hair Upside Down

Everyday flip them upside down as for about 3-4 minutes. This assists in simulating the follicles by reversing the proper blood flow towards the root of your hair. This results in proper growth as well.

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Healthy Hair Packs

You have to use homemade hair packs. This will surely assist in accelerating the growth of hair. All you have to do is, mix a small amount of honey and one egg yolk and gently apply it on your scalp. Leave this pack on your scalp for about an hour and then rinse it properly with luke warm water in order to remove the sticky substance.

Proper Rinse Techniques

 Properly rinse your hair with appropriate combination of few essential oils. Add three drops of lavender oil, five drops of rosemary oil, and two drops of sage oil mixed in one liter of water. This mixture will act as a conditioner for final rinsing. For best and ultimate glow, you have to rinse them with cold water.

Proper and Protective Styling

You have to use protective styling methods to protect your long hairs from any kind of damage. You have to protect it from rubbing against the pillowcases, clothing, etc. Wear gentle styles that appear natural and are never painful to you.

Avoid Heat

Your hair has to maintain a proper distance from heat. Flat irons or curling irons are usually harmful for your hair. These absorb the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and damaged. Therefore, select those styles that do not require much heat.

Stay Away from Stress

You have to maintain low stress levels as high stress increases the risk of hair loss. You have to avoid stress and sleep properly in order to have longer hair. Good sleep, exercise, and deep breathing assist in promoting the growth.

Other Remedies to Grow Hair Longer

The growth of hair totally depends on the growth hormones that are present in your body. In order to promote faster and longer growth of hair, you have to consume certain minerals and vitamins. These are one the best home remedies for healthy growth of hair.

  • Use big toothed combs
  • Regular use of Castor oil and massage with coconut oil
  • Massage scalp with honey and egg yolk
  • Drink ample amount of water
  • Have essential minerals and vitamins, etc.

These factors will surely assist you in promoting the growth of longer hair.

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    Diabetes, high blood pressure, anaemia due to fibroids are just some of the illnesses that are common to people with Afro hair. These illnesses along with long term medication can also affect hair growth. Undiagnosed illnesses can cause stress on the body and in turn affect hair growth.

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