Yung Joc Debuts His New Hairstyle


yung joc

Recently rapper and reality tv star, Yung Joc has decided to change his hair to something unexpected and is receiving a TON of backlash for his choice. Here are a few popular memes that have been circulating on twitter:


The saying goes “If you can’t beat them, join them”. Yung Joc did just that as he filtered a response to the memes he has been seeing of himself online.

“BIG Screen flow….. I know yall gonna hit me with all the Shade in the Room and thats totally fine because i know how Blessed i am…….. Never been scared to be the Center of attention without trying…says  Yung Joc”

Then he goes on to say, “See, it’s cool to be a follower, I guess. All y’all wanna look alike. But what if I just chose to do something different because I knew yo *explicit* was gonna talk about it? I won.”

What are your thoughts on Yung Joc’s new hairstyle?

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yung joc

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