Gabby Douglas & Simone Biles Hair Controversy

gabby douglas and simone biles

Gabby Douglas & Simone Biles Olympics 2016

Gabby Douglas is no stranger to the lime-light. She became a household name back in 2012 being the first African American to receive a gold medal in gymnastics. Now in 2016 she is at it again, defying odds and being a role model to young girls at home.

Just like in 2012, instead of Gabby Douglas’ achievements being the headlines, it ended up being her hair. The things people have been saying about Gabby’s hair have been absolutely ridiculous. Not only is she setting new standards in the African American community but she handling the criticism with grace

Many women on Twitter are concerned about Gabby & Simone’s edges being laid versus her ability to do the sport.  Let’s take time to break this down for a second. You don’t see many African American women in the sport of gymnastics to begin with. Not to mention the amount of strength and agility that comes to attempt the sport. These ladies practice 20+ hours a week, which can do a number on the hair. Who goes to the gym all dolled up anyway?

Some expect Gabby & Simone to have in a $300 sew-in while doing flips on the balance beam — I think not.

Gabby’s hair received even more attention when she showed us her hair after  the curtains were closed on the olympics. Here is a photo that is taking over the internet regarding her gorgeous hair.

gabby douglas

Gabby Douglas Post Olympic Games

She certainly did SLAY from head to toe. Regardless of how they choose to wear their hair, they are both extremely skilled athletes with a bright future ahead of them. So much talent at a young age, and it will only get better from here. We are proud of both Gabby and Simone for the stunning performance they put on during the 2016 Olympics.

gabby douglas and simone biles

Teamwork of Gabby & Simone #BlackGirlMagic

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Gabby and Simone’s hair? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kelley 17 August, 2016 at 07:32 Reply

    What a stupid thing to focus on.These kids are talented, hard-working athletes who are looking very during the games.Many olympians are on very tight budgets, so who in their right mind is gonna pay the equivalent of a plane ticket to Rio on their hair(unless they see it as needful)? Seems to me their are more critical things to be concerned about.Like whether or not the guest teams will come away from Rio very sick from water quality, etc.

  2. 3caramel7 20 August, 2016 at 13:20 Reply

    We complain constantly about how we matter and then spend our lives criticising a sports woman hair??? Eh??
    No wonder some people think we’re stoopid. Just What is wrong with us? Its jealousy plain and simple.Well she might think she all that and a gold medal winner but her edges mash up, well so what, you feel better now? Get a grip. Its time to stop with the excuses!
    Until we get our own house in order we cannot expect anybody else to, because #blackhairedgesreallydon’tmatter#

  3. Joanna Moore 20 August, 2016 at 15:33 Reply

    As black women we are very hair obsessed. Especially as it relates to edges and “kitchens”. So honestly, it is a natural response to sitting at home and think “ok, you knew your were gonna be on international television, right”. But I would never ever write something on social media about my sisters. These people that post are either not of our culture of just downright disrespectful. Many of us will never understand the level of commitment these women put into their sport. I am so proud of them. They represented us well and they are both very beautiful. All of you trolls need to Get Yo Life.

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