Smoochr Dating Website Allows Users to Search By Hair Type


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Online dating is forever evolving while taking leaps and bounds in the right direction and others not so much. A new website, Smoochr has taken a new approach to the dating scene. This dating platform allows users to search others by hair type and complexion. Now to some, what may not seem like a big deal is making others stomachs turn.

I thought, they have to be kidding, but I was wrong. I created a profile to see what all the hype was about and I must say this is a very “interesting” approach they are using.

Upon signing up, you are asked to create a profile, with a username and other details about yourself. One of the first few options you are given is to select a hair type. Of the options displayed, honestly some of them can be combined (i.e. natural hair and afro) or i.e.(weave and extensions).  Also there is no choice for relaxed hair but several variations of natural. Seems they do not understand the different hair states. Just a personal opinion on that.

smoochr hair type


Other choices include choosing your employment status, mobility, beliefs, number of children, etc. Similar components that are inline with other dating apps. As I scrolled down to further complete my profile I ran across the options that made me raise my brow (*sips tea*).

Asking to describe your own character you are given these options:

smoochr character

Now this question had me on the floor. Your choices to describe your lips…I…I  just can’t. What are soup coolers? They really are serious!

smoochr lips

The last option given on describing your looks was choosing your complexion. I don’t know about you but I’m not sure how I feel about comparing my skin tone to a Starbucks beverage.

smoochr complexion

Let’s take a look at what others have said about the site:

One of the many reasons I love Twitter is because they have no chill! They wasted no time in voicing their opinion on the new black dating app.

In all seriousness, me personally I am not a fan of the set up. I feel as though it causes more of a divide between the african american race itself (i.e. light skin vs dark skin debate) or (good hair vs bad hair fiasco). Yes, we all have preferences when it comes to dating, but this website just puts it all out in the open and did not do a very good job at it. Smoochr tried it, but they failed!

What are your thoughts on this new dating app? Will it cause more trouble than it’s worth?


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Hi, my name is Erickah and I am the founder of Audacity to be You(nique). I have been on my hair journey since 2009, and what a ride it has been. My hair has been through many stages of relaxed, transitioning, to where I am currently - Natural. Being confident in your own skin is the message I like to promote. Ultimately, we should all love being you(nique).

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  1. MyFluffyPuffs
    Fluffy 26 July, 2016 at 08:54 Reply

    So I looked online and Lawrence (Larry) Kenebrew of Atlanta created this app – AND HE IS BLACKA smh. So what does this tell you when a black man refers to juicy lips as soup coolers or duck lips? Colorism among our own exists.

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