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Thinning edges is a common problem many ladies experience. It can occur for a variety of reason whether your style is too tight or due to other poor styling habits, once those edges start breaking off or are completely gone, we start searching for quick solutions to regrow them. Like the rest of our hair, growing back edges is a process that takes a little TLC and patience.

Finding the root of the problem is just half the battle. Once you figure out what has been causing your edges to thin out then you can take the necessary steps to help correct the problem.

Opt For A Different Style

A different style may be in order when you see your edges thinning. Having your edges laid is not always a good thing. This puts too much tension on them causing the hairs to thin and fall out. Consider doing looser styles where there is not so much tension around your hairline. Also be careful of how tightly your hair is braided underneath a sew-in or other braided styles that put tension on your edges. Remember your edges are fragile so it is important that you are gently with your hair care routine.

Regrow With Hair Oil

Besides changing up your hairstyle to help regrow your edges a growth aide can prove quite helpful as well. Castor oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) in particular has many positive reviews in regrowing edges and can help your hair thicken up as well. There are many other oils that can help with hair growth as well. When using oil to regrow edges it can be used a variety of ways. Whether you want to use them as a hot oil treatment, add it to your deep conditioner, or just simply apply it to your hair 2-3 times a week.  It’s up to you.

Using Supplements

Taking vitamins to regrow your hair is another viable option for getting edges back. Among the most popular of these supplements are Hairfinity and Manetabolism (full list can be found here). It is important to note that drinking plenty of water is what will help you when taking these supplements as some women have reported having breakouts when taking vitamins. This is because the excess of vitamins will show through your skin. Water helps cleanse your system and keeps your skin acne free.

Scalp Massages

Not only do scalp massages feel great but they also aide in growth. Massaging your edges regularly will help encourage growth around those areas. Scalp massages can be done with the oils as mentioned above  or your favorite oil of choosing.

Using these methods to help with thinning edges will surely help in the growth process. However, an overall healthy hair care routine will be most effective to bring your hair back to life!


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