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On Sunday the morning of Curlfest, my hairdresser Chedlyne and I drove from Boston, MA to arrive in New York at 6am. Hosted by the Curly Girl Collective, this free event was held in Prospect Park annually for only one day. There had to be over 3,000 people in attendance (double in size from last year)! The entry line wrapped down one park walkway with people standing in anticipation for this event. We met many people from all over the country and some even from the UK to celebrate their unique curls.

Since I was a member of the press group so we gained entry to the event early and we set our tent (*shade girl, shade*), beach umbrella, blanket and pillows. Every hair type and texture imaginable, people from different countries and all shades of melanin were present! Vendor tents created this giant encampment offering products and more. There were a few photo booths, yoga session, braid bar, games and a DJ for everyone to jam.

I had fun introducing myself to fellow curl friends and snapped quite a few photos of beautiful hairstyle such as wash & go’s, faux locs, crochet braids, and twist-outs in every texture and color of the rainbow. And it wasn’t just naturals, even relaxed girls felt welcome to enjoy the day! All afternoon I’d walk up to strangers to ask questions their about hair struggle and the journey to healthy growth connected us. You would be taken back by the eclectic fashion that could dominate the runways. There was a large media presence to capture the entire event like BET Centric and private videographers. It truly represented our melanin beauty and acceptance in every form, shape, size and texture.

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If you never been to Curlfest try to make it next year. There’s no hair event quite like it!


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