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TEMPTATIONS EVERY NATURAL ENCOUNTERSI see numerous articles about how to love, tend and care for your natural hair, which are awesome. However, can I be honest?

We all have had moments where we thought about relaxing our hair. You might have scrolled through social media and saw a great hairstyle. You might have seen FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) during the final State of the Union Address (she has the best hair that I have ever seen!). You might have even seen a fly woman with a really great sew-in on your way to work. You know like I know, that moment ignites a yearning for some relaxing.

Although the moment may be fleeting, there are some who decide to revert back to relaxed hair. If that is something you truly desire go for it! You have to be at peace with the decision YOU make. For the ones who want to get over that moment, this article is for you!

One of the biggest ways I fight the urge of relaxing my hair is knowing that once it happens, and I decide to become natural, I have to start the process ALL. OVER. AGAIN. And once that realization hits me, I snap back to reality. Proactively deciding to have natural hair, can become the catalyst to proactively living a healthy lifestyle. The moment I made the decision to become natural, I dedicated time, effort, and commitment to that lifestyle. In my opinion, relaxing my hair after all of that dedication would have been in vain.

Another way I fight the urge of relaxing my hair is by wearing wigs, and sometimes straightening my hair. After avoiding water, precipitation, and humidity for a week, I start to miss my natural hair. The beauty of natural hair is the flexibility. Take advantage of that! I can straighten it, and get my curls back with the help of water. How awesome is that?

For the ladies fighting that “creamy crack” urge, just know that the first few days are ROUGH..okay? But it gets better. Trust me.

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