Celebrate Black History – 10 Women Who Made A Difference in Beauty


Celebrate Black History

It is that time of the year when we get to celebrate black history month and recognize the many people who made a difference for the community. From our past of Rosa Parks  to the present Beyonce, we have something worth celebrating each and every day. At Audacity to be You(nique) we want to recognize those women who made a difference in beauty! Whether it is hair care, makeup, or nails – the spotlight is yours this month! Without further ado – We Celebrate Black History Month Audacity to be You(nique) style! Top Ten Women Who Made a Difference in Beauty:


1. Madame C.J .Walker – Founder of The Hot Comb

Madam C.J. Walker set the foundation for women of color letting us know that anything is possible. With just $2.00 to her name she became a millionaire within seven years. She recognized the lack of hair care products for black women and decided to make a change. While she is most famous for the invention of the hot comb, she also had products ranging from hair conditioners and skin care products.

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