5 Adverse Effects of Chasing Hair Perfection


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All my ladies with HIYHS (Hands In Your Hair Sydrome), where you at? Yes, we all love to flaunt our beautiful locks up and down the street (adding a hair flip for dramatics). Have you ever considered how much damage you are doing when you are constantly manipulating your hair? Probably, not the first thing on your mind as you are chasing perfection, but it should be! Think about it, your hair grows more when your hands are not in it.


The number one culprit for damage is breakage. When you are in your hair 24/7/365 you are just asking for those strands to snap left and right. Breakage in itself is the leading reason why many women think their hair can’t grow. You may think you are being extremely careful and babying those ends of yours, but trust me when I say that less is more! Leave your hair alone and let it get accustomed to the updo you just put up this morning. You don’t have to let your hair down for a night out on the town with the girls. You are still fabulous.

Product Build Up

Another thing many of us don’t take into account when we become hair obsessed is the amount of products we use. With lots of manipulation comes lots of product to follow. Yes clarifying will solve this issue, but how often do you do this? Those baby hairs that won’t lay how you want them to are drowning in edge control. Save them! The saying goes, too much of a good thing is not that great is very true. I’ll admit I love my natural oils and conditioner as my hair tends to suck up moisture like nobodies business, but that does not mean I have to smother my hair in product to achieve the results I want. This is a big NO NO!

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