Naturally Me: Meet Yaayaa Addai

What is Your Current Hair Length?

What is Your Goal Length?
How Long Have You Been On Your Journey?
3 years
What prompted you to start your journey?
I’m a Ghanaian. We don’t grow our hair in senior high school . I always knew I didn’t want my hair relaxed for no particular reason. After high school, natural hair wasn’t in vogue so nothing prompted me.What struggles have you come across?
My family I’ll say . My mum and dad will give me money to go get my hair relaxed Lol. Have 2 elder sisters who have permed hair so u can imagine. Only my eldest sister supported me so she will usually give me money to go get my hair done and my parents kept saying unpleasant stuff about my hair but now they like it

What are Your Favorite products?
Henna, hibiscus, Shea oil from Tamara; they make their products in the northern part of Ghana and they are amazing, also my shampoo from creme of nature and jojoba oil( I bought it about a month ago and I already love it)

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AOK Whipped Shea Butter

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Hi, my name is Erickah and I am the founder of Audacity to be You(nique). I have been on my hair journey since 2009, and what a ride it has been. My hair has been through many stages of relaxed, transitioning, to where I am currently - Natural. Being confident in your own skin is the message I like to promote. Ultimately, we should all love being you(nique).

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