Naturally Me : Meet Ama A.


What is Your Current Hair Length? 


What is Your Goal Length?

How Long Have You Been On Your Journey?
3 years

What prompted you to start your journey?
I had relaxed hair since I can remember but my hair length never went past my ear level. My hair was never healthy and hairdressers kept chopping off weak end every month.
We African girls like to keep our hair in braids with extensions for weeks without touch up with the notion of leaving your hair fallow to aid growth. Instead, we get weak ends and they chop them off all the time after touch up.So, I worked in a bank and I had very little time for myself. I had only Sundays to myself if I didn’t have training at work, so it was becoming quite difficult to spend long hours at the hairdressers for just a touch up . So, I was introduced to wig cups ( my Saviour, short lived) which I did for a while but I just couldn’t keep up. I felt inferior anytime I put the cup on. It just wasn’t me. Though the cups kept me away from the hot hair driers and the long waits at the hairdressers , it was just getting annoying, plus I was spending too much on quality hair extensions for my wig cups., not to talk about the heat when I wear the cup ( Ghana has an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius all year round ).

I stopped relaxing my hair for about a year because of the introduction of this wig cup. But I realized that my natural hair became very hard and dry. Almost impossible to comb. So, as frustrated as I was, I went back to what I knew best, to get a touch up. Yes, I did!

After about 6 months, one of my sisters introduced me to Sisterlocks and my life has never been better and easier. I went in for a consultation and I was asked to allow about 5 inches new natural growth before I can get my Sisterlocks installation done. Honestly, I could wait for that long so after 8 weeks I went in and forced the loctician who finally installed my locks after about 2 hours of persuasion. I still had my permed ends when I started . After 3 months the permed ends became weak and I chopped them off in levels. And now, here I am after 3 years. I look younger, prettier and fulfilled. Natural hair is liberating .

What struggles have you come across?
I wasn’t used to seeing my face without all that straight ,full and silky hair. I often asked myself if I did the right thing because I wasn’t used to the look. The fullness of the weaves gave me a different look and the tightness of the Sisterlocks also gave me a different look. But I was determined and that is what kept me going. I couldn’t do all the up do’ s and ponytails which was a bit frustrating in the beginning. But I got used to my Sisterlocks ( I wasn’t easy ).

What are Your Favorite products?
Ghana is blessed with sheabutter , you can find it readily on the streets and in any market. Avocado fruits are also very good for natural hair. There a lot of organic products here in Ghana – Pieni, Naya Natrual,

Who are your hair inspirations?
I’d say myself and my sister who introduced me to Sisterlocks . Myself because, I inspired myself to get to where I am now with my hair.

Any Other Helpful Information? 
I don’t have any wash day routine , that’s the beauty about Natural hair, I wash my hair any time, any day when I feel like it. 🙂



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Hi, my name is Erickah and I am the founder of Audacity to be You(nique). I have been on my hair journey since 2009, and what a ride it has been. My hair has been through many stages of relaxed, transitioning, to where I am currently - Natural. Being confident in your own skin is the message I like to promote. Ultimately, we should all love being you(nique).

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