How to: Deep Conditioning Pic Tutorial


Why Deep Condition?
Each strand of hair has 3 layers. Deep conditioning affects the outer layer which is called the cuticle. The cuticle resembles shingles on a roof. They overlap each other, and should lay down flat. When your hair becomes dry and damaged, these shingles will stand up away from the hair shaft. This is what gives
hair the dull, frizzy look. Deep conditioning the proper way and with the right products will help to smooth the cuticle, making the shingles lay down again, giving your hair a smoother, shinier, healthier appearance.

Tools & Products Used:
– Hair Clamps
– Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing Treatment
– Plastic Cap

Start by sectioning the hair off into easier to manage sections. For my hair I divided it into 8 sections. Next, unclip the section you want to start on. I usually start from the back and work my way up towards the front. Apply the deep conditioner starting at the roots first. Make sure your new growth is coated well enough for ultra moisturizing.

After all your new growth is coated with conditioner, you will then apply more conditioner down the hair shaft to the ends of your hair. Repeat this process until all your strands are covered with conditioner. Finally, throw on a plastic cap and leave on for desired time. I like to do this process over night and rinse out in the morning.

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