Confessions of a Transitioner Series: Meet Nikki Lajoy


How far are you in your transition?
Im currently 43 weeks post relaxer, 1 week away before i hit 11 months.

Why did you decide to transition?
I wanted to transition simply because I was honestly inspired by all the other ladies who wasnt afraid to show off what they were born with. I basically found it to be empowering and I was curious to see what my natural hair looked and felt like and eager to feel more comfortable in my own skin. And lastly because years of having relaxers and my hair breaking and not keeping the length I felt going natural would be the best thing for me.

When do you plan to BC?
I plan to bc sometime in 2012 I dont have a date simply because whenever I wake up and I truly think it’s time to cut my relaxed ends off I will know and I wont hold back or regret anything, but it will for sure be in the year 2012.

What’s the hardest part of your transition thus far?
The hardest part about transitioning so far is consistant shedding. It’s very annoying, especially since I detangle in the shower. Also styling can sometime be hard ive learned not everything works for both textures.

Who are you hair inspirations?
Wow! I have so many actually …well to name a few: Elle Varner, Zoe Soul, and Jill Scott. And of course all the ladies on youtube and in the blog community they all keep me motivated.

Any hair advice for Newbies?
To focus on what is you really want, if you want natural hair you can get it. Don’t get discourage things will be rough in the beginning but the prize at the end is whats worth all the work. Find things that work for you, oils, conditioners, styles. Build your own regimen try not to mimic someones else because it may not work. Keep everything simple, you dont have to go broke to go natural. Do your research and join hair board (like hairlista, or kiss, or thirstyroots). And keep track of your progress in a journel or a online blog. most importantly have fun 🙂

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Describe your regimen/wash day routine?
I keep my weekly regimen very simple. I cowash 1-2x a week, shampoo 1x every 2 weeks, m&s every day, oil scalp with castor 2x a week. I live in buns, and ponytails.

Any product reccomendations?
I love Suave Natural conditioners for cowashing and the price is great. Shea butter has help me out alot and you can use it in different ways. I melt it to an oil for a pre poo or seal with it. Eco Styler gel is probably the number one product that got me thru my transition its a great gel i used it for all my styles and I may not give it up after I because its just that great of a product.Honey is great ive done pre poos with it, added it to my dc’ers and cowahes. It really gives great slip,shine,and softness. Castor oil has to be the best product for growth, and thickness and it actually works this is something ill always continue using in my hhj.

Links to track your progress?

(my hair blog)

(my personal blog)

AOK Whipped Shea Butter

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