Confessions of a Transitioner Series: Meet Nii


How far are you in your transition?
I am 1 year and four months into my transition.

Why did you decide to transition?
I decided to start transitioning because i was so tired of my hair being unhealthy. when i started to transition i really didnt know anything about natural hair i just knew i wanted to do something big with my hair so i told myself that i wasn’t going to do anymore relaxers for starters.

When do you plan to BC?
I really don’t plan to big chop i planned to just transition until there aren’t anymore relaxed ends but i’m giving my hair 1 more year and possibly 6 months and if it isn’t all natural by that time then i will just cut the remaining ends off.

What’s the hardest part of your transition thus far?
The hardest part of my transition i have to say would probably be detangling on wash days. i get so frustrated when i have to detangle and i feel its so bad for my hair but it has to be done.

Who are you hair inspirations?
My hair inspirations would have to be every single person on i have learned soo much from these ladies individually. And also the natural hair community on youtube!

Any hair advice for Newbies?
My advice to newbies is to be patient i am still learning how to do this everyday with my hair its hard but it will pay off!
Describe your regimen/wash day routine?

Describe your regimen/wash day routine?
My regimen is very simple at least i think so lol! all i do is pre-poo/deep condition, wash, detangle, apply jbco to my scalp and mold my hair into a protective style once a week!

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Any product reccomendations?
My product recommendation would have to be v05 moisture milks conditioner! its so versatile you can use it for almost anything, co-washes, detangler, pre-poo, leave-in on wet hair etc. and its soo cheap $.84 at walmart:)

AOK Whipped Shea Butter

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